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Who is using Zebra BI?

Zebra BI is used by companies across different industries and of various sizes, from large corporations and mid-sized companies down to smaller consulting firms, market research companies and startups.

Copying and moving sheets

Making copies of sheets with Zebra BI charts in them has been supported for some time. Now, since version 1.6.0 Zebra BI supports copying and moving sheets to another file. This was one of your most frequent requests and we listened!

How to Prepare Your Data

Correctly preparing data is important if you want Zebra BI (or any other reporting tool for that matter) to produce meaningful visualizations. Fortunately, we have managed to make this extremely simple in Zebra BI 🙂 Below you'll learn how to structure your data tables, how to name your column headers and you'll see a visual […]

How to grow Zebra BI charts

Sometimes you'd like to add new data (new months, new products, ...) to the Zebra BI charts. There are 3 ways you can do that, depending on whether you want to add new data categories at the end of the chart or in the middle.

Excel Add-ins that are supported by Zebra BI

Zebra BI is verified to work with the following Excel Add-ins provided by Microsoft or 3rd party software vendors: MS Power Pivot, Power Query, Power View, Power BI SAP BO Analysis for Office SAP BEx SAP BPC/EPM XLCubed Jedox Tagetik, version 5.3.0 SP3 or higher Zebra BI should also work with other Excel add-ins, available on the market. If […]

Inserting difference highlights

The goal of visualizing data with charts instead of plain tables is to bring clarity to the readers and decrease the time it takes them to get the key piece of information from the data. This is usually achieved by removing all unnecessary items and emphasizing only the important ones. One of the best tools […]