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Automatically updatable PowerPoint slides

Zebra BI allows you to have PowerPoint presentations that will be automatically updated when you apply changes to the data origin (i.e. your Excel-file). This saves a lot of time, especially when you have to create the same standardized reports for different time periods (monthly, quarterly, etc.).  Continue reading if you want to find out […]

Ways to create dynamic reports

To ease understanding, our articles are based on very simple Excel tables. But what if the data structures are more complicated or you’d like to build dynamic reports, linked directly to your database? Well, Zebra can handle that, too! Read on to find out how you can do that.

Page templates

In order to make business reporting even easier, we’ve included a feature in Zebra BI v. 1.4 which allows you to produce standardized reports using page templates. To do so, we’ve added a button to the Zebra BI ribbon that lets you insert a page template in a new worksheet. This means that if you use our […]

Using page templates – Variance charts

Here we’ll explain step-by-step how to create variance charts and align them with tables. Use this page template to create clean and informative variance analyses for your report. Here’s how to start:

Adding Comments and Symbols

Zebra BI allows you to insert various different symbols into your reports. To insert a comment just click the comment sign on your Zebra BI ribbon. It looks like this: Continue reading to find out what comments are available and how to use them appropriately.

How to use pivot tables and slicers

Creating dynamic reports with Zebra BI is extremely simple and effortless. Often enough in your business reports, you’ll get pivot tables embedded in Excel. These are tables which include changeable categories and that can be sorted and updated automatically. Lucky for you, the charts created with Zebra BI will automatically change with the updated pivot […]

Exporting/Importing styles

Zebra BI allows you to create your own personalized reporting style and share it throughout your corporation. This way you can ensure that every report created by any employee will always use the same colors, shapes, fonts, etc. Check out how easy it is to create and share your personalized reporting styles through Zebra BI: