Can I build dynamic charts, reports and dashboards by using Pivot Tables and slicers?


Zebra BI is designed so that all charts and reports are dynamic. Just click on your Pivot table and select a Zebra chart. Zebra BI will insert and link the chart directly from your pivot table. If you then for example change a filter value of your Pivot table, Zebra charts will update accordingly.

Zebra BI works with all major Excel data extraction and analysis technologies:

  1. Pivot tables (can be linked to external relational databases or OLAP databases)
  2. Power Pivot tables
  3. Excel tables, connected to external databases
  4. SAP BO Analysis for Office (this is a great combination!)
  5. Other 3rd Party Excel Add-ins like SAP Bex, Jedox, IBM Insight for Excel, etc.

Please read this short tutorial on How to use pivot tables and slicers.

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