How to Create Combined Table-Chart Reports

Difficulty: BEGINNER

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to prepare the most classic variance report – a table with embedded variance charts. Embedding charts into tables is a incredibly effective method in management reporting. It enables readers to take advantage of the best of two worlds: The ability to easily look up and read individual values in the table and instantly assess and compare multiple values in the visualization. The recipients of your report will be able to identify and asses the key message instantly. This is why creating combined table-chart reports is a frequently used technique to aide understanding and save time!

You will learn:

  • How to embed charts into tables
  • How to unify the scale of two charts
  • How to add comments and key messages to a report
  • How to combine Zebra BI features with standard Excel functions to efficiently design business reports

Hint: Forgetting to scale charts is one of the most common mistakes made when using visualizations in business reporting. Be sure to use Zebra BI’s scale function to avoid this pitfall.

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