Copying and moving sheets

Making copies of sheets with Zebra BI charts in them has been supported for some time. Now, since version 1.6.0 Zebra BI supports copying and moving sheets to another file. This was one of your most frequent requests and we listened!

Move or Copy worksheet into another Excel workbook

Move or Copy worksheet into another Excel workbook

Let’s explore the different scenarios:

1. Creating a copy of a sheet within the same file

When you’re designing a report or dashboard with Zebra BI you’d often want to create a couple of different versions with different charts in it to see which works best. Well, since Zebra BI 1.6.0 you can. Prepare one version and once you’re satisfied with it, simply make a copy of the sheet and replace some of charts on the copied sheet.

You can also copy multiple sheets at once (Ctrl + click to select multiple sheets):



2. Copying a sheet to another file

If you want to copy a sheet to another file (new or existing), that works as well:



Copying multiple sheets to another file may result in a (temporary) Excel formula error. All sheets are in fact properly copied, but if you do that, please save the new file, close it and open it again. Otherwise it’s better just to move or copy one sheet at a time. We will fix this remaining issue in future updates. So for now, please copy the sheets one by one.

3. Moving a sheet to another file

Of course, moving a sheet to another file (new or existing) works just as well as copying.

When moving multiple sheets you may again see Excel formula error. Until the next Zebra BI version just stick to moving one sheet at a time.

Note: in Zebra BI version 1.6.0 there are still some issues with copying or moving a copy of a sheet. Make no mistake, it’s going to be fully supported in the next version of Zebra BI.

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