Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer

If you want other users to open your Zebra BI reports directly in MS Excel with fully updatable charts, then they require either a full Zebra BI license or a Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer license.

The Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer is a lighter version of Zebra BI that doesn’t include the design options (insert charts, scale, etc.):

Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer Ribbon

Users with a Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer license can:

  1. update / refresh data and all charts change dynamically (ideal for Excel dashboards with direct connections to databases or data warehouses, based on Pivot tables, Power Pivot, SAP BO Analysis for Office, etc.)
  2. add comments and highlights to updated reports
  3. create PowerPoint presentations, linked slides, PDF documents, etc.

To get a quote for Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer, please contact us at support@zebra.bi.

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