Using IBCS – International Business Communication Standards. Preparing your corporate style and sharing it across all users.

How to edit styles

In Zebra BI, reporting standards are defined by so-called styles (or management notations). You can take advantage of several predefined styles, but you can also modify them or create your own reporting standards. On top of that, you can share your styles with any number of other Zebra BI users.

Zebra BI 2.0 Ribbon-Style


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Applying styles to charts

When you insert a chart, Zebra BI will automatically design it according your selected default style. You can see which style is currently the default style by checking the drop down menu under Reporting standards of the Zebra BI ribbon:

Default style

To change the default style, just select your desired style from the drop down menu. This setting will be remembered even after you close Excel.

Note that this setting only affects new charts that you’re inserting. Changing the default working style will not affect existing charts in the current worksheet or other worksheets in any way.

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Exporting/Importing styles

Zebra BI allows you to create your own personalized reporting style and share it throughout your corporation. This way you can ensure that every report created by any employee will always use the same colors, shapes, fonts, etc. Check out how easy it is to create and share your personalized reporting styles through Zebra BI:

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