How to create an IBCS Profit & Loss report in minutes


Watch this video tutorial to learn how to prepare a classic profit & loss report with waterfall charts. For this, you can use one of our predefined templates. Here we will use the IBCS template 12 – Waterfalls. A great advantage of using this template is that it will perfectly fit the page when it is being exported to Power Point or PDF and also when you print it. No scaling or restructuring is needed! You will also learn how to create a Power Point slide which is linked to Excel. This means you can change your data in Excel and your Power Point slide will update automatically!

The Excel template is conveniently structured “step by step”, so that as you’re preparing this report, each sheet takes you one step further towards having the final report complete.

You will learn:

  • How to snap-move charts into columns
  • How to unify the scale of several charts
  • How to limit outliers
  • How to create a linked Power Point slide

Hint: Forgetting to scale charts is one of the most common mistakes made when using visualizations in business reporting. Be sure to use Zebra BI’s scale function to avoid this pitfall.


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