Exporting/Importing styles

Zebra BI allows you to create your own personalized reporting style and share it throughout your corporation. This way you can ensure that every report created by any employee will always use the same colors, shapes, fonts, etc. Check out how easy it is to create and share your personalized reporting styles through Zebra BI:

Create your style

Before you can share your style with your colleagues, you will need to decide on which colors, shapes, fonts, and scenarios to use. Read here on how to apply our recommended styles or here on how to create your own styles.

Export/Import styles

Exporting or importing styles in Zebra BI doesn’t take much effort. Just click Edit under Reporting Standards in your Zebra BI ribbon. A new pop-up will open (the same one you use to edit your current style). Once you’re done editing your style, you can simply click on Export and save it on your computer:


The style definition will be saved to your computer as an XML file (.xml).

After that, you can simply send the created .xml file to your colleagues via e-mail/slack/etc. All they need to do is Import your created style (the .xml file) and their reports will be styled exactly in the same way as yours:


You can read more about why it is important to have uniform reporting styles here.


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