Developing dynamic reports that you can refresh or update with a single click on Excel’s Refresh button.

Ways to create dynamic reports

To ease understanding, our articles are based on very simple Excel tables. But what if the data structures are more complicated or you’d like to build dynamic reports, linked directly to your database? Well, Zebra can handle that, too! Read on to find out how you can do that.

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How to use pivot tables and slicers

Creating dynamic reports with Zebra BI is extremely simple and effortless.

Often enough in your business reports, you’ll get pivot tables embedded in Excel. These are tables which include changeable categories and that can be sorted and updated automatically. Lucky for you, the charts created with Zebra BI will automatically change with the updated pivot table, too! Therefore, you won’t have to create a separate graph for a changed table anymore. You just create one Zebra BI chart which will realize any changes made to the pivot-table and update itself accordingly. Check out how easy it is:

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