How to grow Zebra BI charts

Sometimes you'd like to add new data (new months, new products, ...) to the Zebra BI charts. It's a pretty straightforward process, you just have to remember one thing...

If you add new rows or columns inside the range that a Zebra BI chart was created from, the chart itself will also grow to account for new data. Note that the new rows or columns must actually be inside the range and not at the ends of it (before or after).

Inserting full rows/columns

If you insert full rows or columns, the chart will also resize accordingly.

Growing Zebra BI charts 1

Inserting individual cells

But  in some situations you can't insert full rows or columns because of structure of your worksheet. Inserting individual cells works as well, the only difference is that you have to resize the chart afterwards.

Growing Zebra BI charts 2

Inserting before or after the range

If you enter new data before or after the range that a Zebra BI chart was created from, the chart will not grow. The reason for that is because the range itself actually didn't grow, the data was simply entered after the range.

Growing Zebra BI charts 3

So the key takeaway is this:

If you want to grow Zebra BI charts, make sure to insert new data inside the original range.

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