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Create presentations from your reports

When creating tables and charts in Excel, you will most likely want to share your insights with your peers. The standard tool for presenting your findings is PowerPoint. That’s why we made it incredibly simple for you to export your reports from Excel to PowerPoint. If you want, your data will even be updated automatically!

Automatically updatable PowerPoint slides

Zebra BI allows you to have PowerPoint presentations that will be automatically updated when you apply changes to the data origin (i.e. your Excel-file). This saves a lot of time, especially when you have to create the same standardized reports for different time periods (monthly, quarterly, etc.).  Continue reading if you want to find out […]

Exporting as (static) Excel workbook

If you want to share your Zebra BI reports or dashboards with other users who don’t have Zebra BI installed, one of the options you have is to send them a static Excel workbook. A static Excel workbook is an Excel file that looks exactly like the original file, except that the Zebra BI charts […]

Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer

If you want other users to open your Zebra BI reports directly in MS Excel with fully updatable charts, then they require either a full Zebra BI license or a Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer license. The Zebra BI Dynamic Viewer is a lighter version of Zebra BI that doesn’t include the design options (insert charts, […]

Why aren’t the comment signs exported to PowerPoint?

Make sure you select and export the range of cells behind the chart, comment signs and other elements! If you exported a Zebra BI chart to PowerPoint using Zebra BI “Export” function and don’t see the other elements, such as comment signs in PowerPoint, chances are you had just the chart selected when you did […]