My Zebra BI free trial has expired! What now?

If your Zebra BI 30-day free trial has expired, here are your next steps:

Did you like your experience with Zebra BI?

You can now decide to order Zebra BI and continue creating awesome reports, dashboards and presentations!

Order your copy of Zebra BI here and become a member of our growing community of reporting professionals.

If you’re curious whether any of your peers in your industry are already using Zebra BI, check the selected companies that are using Zebra BI to improve their reporting in Who is using Zebra BI.

Zebra BI is not the right tool for me, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear that you weren’t impressed with Zebra BI. Perhaps you’d like to share with us why Zebra BI is not the right tool for you? Your opinion will help us improve and deliver a better experience. Please, help us and send us your feedback and ideas at

If you have received a message in Excel about your Zebra BI expiration and you decided Zebra BI is not for you, you can uninstall Zebra from your Programs and functions in your Windows operating System. This will completely remove Zebra BI from your computer. If you need help with that, here’s our last tutorial for you: How to uninstall Zebra BI

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