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Can I change the names of business scenarios (AC, BU, FC, PY) or add my own?

Yes, of course. Labels AC, BU, FC and PY are standard abbreviations for business scenarios, recommended by the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). They represent different types of business data, such as “Actual”, “Budget”, “Forecast” and “Previous year”. But if you want to use your own labels for business scenarios, translate them into your local […]

Who is using Zebra BI?

Zebra BI is used by companies across different industries and of various sizes, from large corporations and mid-sized companies down to smaller consulting firms, market research companies and startups.

Ways to create dynamic reports

To ease understanding, our articles are based on very simple Excel tables. But what if the data structures are more complicated or you’d like to build dynamic reports, linked directly to your database? Well, Zebra can handle that, too! Read on to find out how you can do that.

Page templates

In order to make business reporting even easier, we’ve included a feature in Zebra BI v. 1.4 which allows you to produce standardized reports using page templates. To do so, we’ve added a button to the Zebra BI ribbon that lets you insert a page template in a new worksheet. This means that if you use our […]

Creating Small Multiples

Edward Tufte, one of the leading authors on information design, discussed the value of high-information graphics in his work “The Visual Display of Quantitative Information” (1983). He identified a method of repeating small-sized charts in a two-dimensional matrix or grid and named this method “Small multiples”. In his later work Envisioning Information (1990) he claims: […]